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Filip H @carioca

I am a seaman. when embarked, I use indoor rower, treadmill and exercise bike. When at home I mostly run but also like hiking and swimming. I would like to complete my first marathon this year..let's see! :)

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Row 100Km in a week Challenge Row 6000 metres in under 27 minutes Challenge Row a half marathon on the concept2 ergometer Challenge Rower 1km sprint - Under 4mins Challenge Row 500m in 2 minutes Challenge
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Filip H

Filip H logged 16.57 km of Rowing in 1:20:06
By this log I complished my challenge to row 100k in 1 week - have rowed 102.69km since last Monday.

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Filip H took 7 Challenges

Whats your PB for 2000m on an ergo? Challenge Row 500m in 1min 30sec Challenge Row A Marathon On An Ergometer (42195m) Challenge 8 minute wall squat  Challenge Hold the plank pose for 5 minutes  Challenge Row 100Km in a week Challenge Run a 5k in less than 25 mins Challenge
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