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Cat C @catsavon

If you're tired of starting over, stop giving up. I run, rain or shine, its exhilirating! Ive lost weight, toned up, feel fitter than ever before. love pushing myself to new levels, love a challenge, love life.

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Run 2012K in 2012 Challenge No elevators for two weeks! Challenge Get 300 Followers Challenge
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Cat C

Contributorgold Cat C I want a few new challenges to get me back on track and I'm a little confused by them all as they seem to be the same things for pages and pages? anyone want to recommend me some good fitness / run challenges? :)


Try the run 3 time a week for 4 weeks challenge.

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Petr P Cat C

Contributorbronze Petr P Hey Cat, thanks for following. I love the running the same as you :) Keep on challenging.

Rob R encouraged this.

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