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Lorenzo J @enzojab

I started swimming when I was 9 years old at Italia 500 clubhouse, Las Pinas, Philippines. After six months I was recruited to be part of their swimming team named "Tiger Sharks".

My first competition was way back in 2000 at the MILO Summer Meet Olympics where I won my first Bronze Medal for 50m Breastroke. I had a heart-crushing loss though on my 50m Butterfly, placing only 4th among 60 rookie swimmers.

I had a 1 year hiatus in swimming after being struck with 2 deadly water-borne diseases. After which, I joined our highschool varsity team and competed in our annual intramurals for 4 years and in 1 inter-school competition. I won 2 Gold, 4 Silver and 2 Bronze medals from the annual intramurals.

Sadly, I stopped swimming during college in order to focus on my studies. My form of exercise at that time was strength and core fitness training at our university gym.

When I started working in 2009, I decided to go back to swimming.

Since then, I have improved my freestyle and tailor-fitted my pace for long-distance swims. Now, I am perfecting my backstroke and butterfly in order to strengthen my upper body.

My goal now is to be a triathlete, seeing swimming as my starting point.

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Lorenzo J Swim a mile without stopping under 40 minutes. Challenge

Contributorbronze Lorenzo J On my 2nd try, I hit it at 42:13:04...


Thanks Steve! I will try this challenge again on Friday! Happy running!

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Lorenzo J Manuel R

Contributorbronze Lorenzo J Hi sir Manuel. Nice bio! Enjoy your experience here at Tribesports!

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Its nice to know that someone taking the challenge that I created and someone is following you. Nice website. Almost all who are here are athletes.

Lorenzo J encouraged this.

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