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Frank P @frankp

Goals for 2013;
1. May -Complete a Sprint Tri
2.June - Complete the "Retric" 72.2mile Bike ride
3. June - Ride across PA - 5days - 500miles - 100mi/day
4. July -Ride 1/2 the total miles of the Tour de France
5. August - Complete a double century and a metric century
6. Sept - Complete 1 off road marathons

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Ashley C Frank P

Contributorgold Ashley C Hi Frank! I noticed your profile, and want to say thank you for being a positive and encouraging force on TS...It's helpful to see people doing the things that you strive to do. Good luck with your goals this year!

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Garth M Frank P

Contributorgold Garth M Hi Frank I am steeling myself to start focusing on your pull up challenge, I finished the previous one so have no excuses, but I am enjoying briefly having fewer daily challenges. Any thoughts on motivation when you hit the respite periods and need to steel yourself for the next burst of energy?
I see you are maintaining your impassioned work-rate, good on you! Garth

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Hey Garth - glad to see the pull ups are coming along...I havent been on TS too much over the last few weeks...lots going on - all good - just a little to tired at the end of the day for TS - Motivation is an issue for everyone...when I feel like I am lagging I usually have a go to exercise or something I really enjoy. Or setting goals always seems to work for me...goals keep me focused and motivated...especially registering for an event - that ALWAYS keeps me on track

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Frank thanks for the flow-back of thought.You are right about goals being a powerful force, I need to devote a bit more time to defining my chosen future through this medium because when I have in the past it has been uncanny how powerful they have been in inviting such outcomes. I am glad to here things are all good and you are out a lot. No one ever got fit on a keyboard.

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Laura L Frank P

Contributorsilver Laura L Oh, that beard definitely shows you are up in PA territory, lol. Stay warm! My husband is from Wilkes Barre and I am from Burlington, VT.....which is why we both now live in sunny, Central Florida :)

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Carpe Diem Workout  Challenge No Deep Fried for 2 Weeks Challenge Log 150 miles of Training in February 2013 Challenge 10 pull-ups a day for 10 consecutive days Challenge 3 Days Workout in Gym (Start Fresh From 7th Feb, End 28th Feb 2013) Challenge
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