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I am a very active type of guy, ever since I started playing sport I was always searching for a little bit extra, finding it in adrenaline sports. In my spare time i'll do anything from trail runs to skydiving!

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Get fitter than you have ever been this year Challenge Give your skin a natural boost -2 litres of water per day for a month Challenge Do 10 Slow Motion Push-Ups. Challenge Hold the High Lunge pose for 1 minute Challenge No sugar in your tea or coffee for a week. Challenge 40 Sit Ups Challenge 50 Crunches in a row Challenge 90sec plank Challenge Hold the boat position for 30 seconds Challenge Learn to Ski Parallell Challenge
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4 weeks without soda drinks Challenge One minute plank Challenge Get your BMI below 25 Challenge Go for an Early morning run. Challenge 100 crunches a day for 2 weeks Challenge 4.5 Minute Wall Squat Challenge Stay off your butt for at least 30 minutes after eating Challenge 52 Card Push Up Challenge Challenge Do 1 Reverse pull up Challenge Climb a flght of stairs non stop for five times for two weeks Challenge Plantar Fascia Stretch Challenge
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Greg B

Contributorbronze Greg B For those of you out there that like chilled out dance music, listen to Wonderful feeling- Road to Heaven, run with this in your ears and I guarantee you'll feel like you are floating :P

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