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Hayley D @hayleydavies

I recently became 'addicted' to cycling, taking advantage of the flat roads of Amsterdam/Netherlands. Co-owner with @monicadh of Cyclodam (

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Hayley D

Contributorsilver Hayley D Can you guess what starts this weekend? So excited! Stage 11 and the finale... bring it on! Wiggo for Yellow (would love to see Cav in Green too but not putting my hopes on it)

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Hayley D

Contributorsilver Hayley D We've a couple of cycling trips coming up open to everyone. Just get in touch if you're interested:
Tour de France – Final Stage – July 20- 22nd (non-cycling trip)

Who hasn’t dreamed of being on the Champs-Élysées for the final stage of Le Tour? And what better year to do it than an Olympic year and the 99th edition of the race?

Itinerary: Arrive Paris on Friday evening, have some fun in the city on Saturday and watch the race on Sunday.

Accomodation: 3 bedrooms: 2x doubles, 2x singles
Cost: (excl. travel), x2 nights per person: 140 Euros based on 6 sharing

UCI World Road Championships – Limburg – Sept 21st – 24th

UCI World Road Champs will be held in Limburg this year from 15 – 23rd Sept, and it’s an event not to be missed. All riders will be on top form after the Olympics, and of course, a certain UK rider will be trying to hold on to his rainbow jersey.

Limburg is a fantastic cycling area, as many of us found out at the Amstel Gold earlier in the year, and with so many cycling fans around, the atmosphere is amazing.

Friday 21st – leave Amsterdam (car or train TBC)/ arrive at Limburg around midday. Option to get on the bike for an afternoon ride (say 60kms)

Saturday 22nd - 100km cycle in Limburg. Plus also catch if you want:
08.30 – 13.00 – Road Race, Under-23 Men (161 km) Road race course
13.30 – 17.00 – Road Race, Elite Women (129 km) Road race course

Sunday 23rd - watch mens road race climb the Cauberg:
08.00 – 12.00 – Road Race Junior Men (129 km) Road race course
10.00 – 17.00 – Road Race, Elite Men (267 km) South Limburg & Road race course

Monday 24th – leave for Amsterdam (obviously there’s an option for people to leave Sunday evening, but prices will include accommodation for Sunday night

A 6-person bungalow of 70m ². Two bedrooms on the ground floor, one with two 1-beds and one with bunk beds. On the top floor a third bedroom with two 1-person beds. Most bungalows have an externally accessible storage (eg suitable for up to 2 bikes), and a garden.

It’s a 20 minute drive to Valkenburg where the action is taking place, but also out of the busy area for us to have a good, decent ride.

Rob R and Steve R encouraged this.

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Rose K Hayley D

Contributorgold Rose K Hi @hayleydavies love the website! Girls on bikes are the best - we'll soon be giving those boys a run for their money soon!

encouraged this.


Ha ok, unfortunately I'm off the bike for a bit thanks to an infection (cycling related). Not going to be much help in the next week or so!


That is a shame, get well soon and we look forward to you logging those miles soon!

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David G Hayley D

Contributorgold David G Hayley - Would you please consider posting this to the "Girls on Bikes" Tribe?

West London coaching for anyone looking to improve their skills via a series of progressive coaching sessions, preparing the riders for a move into competition. Hillingdon Circuit is a closed circuit traffic free road racing environment. Changing facilities, lockers and refreshments are available.

There is a huge chance we will have secured some Watt Bikes to allow participating riders to test their power outputs!

Each block of sessions will run for 6 weeks. Cost is £35 for the full six weeks. (Compare that against triathlon coaching and it's an absolute bargain!). Any other tribe that could benefit are more than welcome.


Sorry I completely missed this!!! I will post now... (no reason why you can't post too :))


p.s. I think I saw this on twitter the other day, but didn't RT - send me your twitter details and I'll send out a tweet

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Hayley D

Contributorsilver Hayley D Spent Friday morning on English Breakfast radio (you can listen again here: talking about Cyclodam, cycling in general, and launching... wait for it... our own mini triathlon in Amsterdam on September 15!!! Have a read here (more details to come soon) >

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Hayley D

Contributorsilver Hayley D Great GREAT meeting with the local council today re some Cyclodam plans.... BIG PLANS! It's happening folks!

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