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Jóna S @jonadogg

Already stepped out of my comfort zone by competing in body fitness for the first time. It was a big challange but I manged to go through with it. Never been as fit in my life before. Now it's the weeks and months afterwards that I need to stay focused on training and eating habits so I won't gain too much weitght again.

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Jóna S

Contributorbronze Jóna S Only 4 weeks out to my fitness competition - last week didn't go so great (gained 0.6% fat instead of loose so now I'm 13.8%) but I'm aiming on finishing with a style! Need to loose 4% fat in 4 weeks. Possible? Yes it is! I'll try to update my status weekly to let you know how things are going.

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Jóna S Pronsias (Frank) M

Contributorbronze Jóna S Hi Frank and thanks for the follow. Good job on all that hillwalking! Staying fit is an amazing feeling, everything else just gets easier as well and most health problems just go away. Keep challenging yourself. :)

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Thanks Jóna, and yes I agree with you 100% everything gets easier as you get fitter

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Nita K Jóna S

Contributorgold Nita K Hi Jo'na, Nice to meet you on TS. Wow ! you are really going great. Wish you all the best with your fitness competition in November. Stay Challenged and fulfill all your dreams. Cheers

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Nice to meet you too Nita, and thank you! Good luck with you health problem and hope you will start running again soon. Take care.


Hi Jona, Thanks for your good wishes. I cannot take a complete break. Today I ran 10 K with a big group. I did 5 K with non stop running. Then the next 5 K was with a bit of walk/ jog. I was very happy because after a long time I did not puke during the run. I have my doctor's appointment tomorrow. Hope I get better soon. All the best with your challenges... Cheers

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