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Louise C @louisec1

I am a lean, mean, fighting machine, I have bashed, smashed and crashed 15kgs away, thankyou Les Mills Body Combat and Pump. Strong is the new me, after having 2 amazing boys I am stronger and in the best form of my life. Let strong be the new you!!

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Tree pose (30 seconds on each leg) - with eyes closed!!  Challenge Elves VS Reindeer: Tribesports Christmas Running Grudge Match Challenge Female Bootcamp for the gym Challenge
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Louise C Elves VS Reindeer: Tribesports Christmas Running Grudge Match Challenge

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Louise C Sheri H

Contributorsilver Louise C Hey there welcome along, yay someone after me own heart, to help you run, swim, ride better, it's a good idea to hit the gym and try some Body Pumping, strength training is what we girls need, it's an hours class, you left light weights, high reps to music, it;s a fun way to tone and strengthen up without bulking up. Give it a go, if you don't already, nothing to lose, strength to gain. Loving your energy, peace to you to!! :-)

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Louise C Kelly S

Contributorsilver Louise C Hey there Kelly, thanks for the follow, welcome along, hey your looking awesome congrads on completing your first half marathon, great work. When you are at the gym next look for a Body Pump class us girls tend to evade weight bearing exercise's but we need it, the most. The classes are designed to tone with low weights, to high reps, means you won't bulk up. They are fun you get to meet new people, and you move to music. Weight bearing exercise prevents osteoporosis, diabetes and prevent injury in everything you do, it will help with muscle endurance, core strength to make you a better runner, the classes have been put together so you get the biggest bang for your buck in one hour. If your not doing it already, check it out. Mix your training up with cardio to make the most of your journey, mix it up, train smart, live smart, keep challenging yourself!! Xox Lou


I don't generally do classes but when I am at the gym all I do is resistance and weight training. I do pay to do cardio since I love to run and outside is better even in bad weather than running on a treadmill.

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Hey kelly, just saying you don't have to do it on your own, it's easier to stay motivated in a group environment, where we work as a team to achieve results, great music, inspiring motivating instructor's. I personally love moving to music, to get fit and stay fit, it never feels like hard work,,I just have to much fun. I went out and blizzed a half marathon easy. Food for thought, have an awesome weekend!! Xox Lou

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Thanks for the encouragement and tips every bit helps. I will try a class to see how I like it.

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