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Maeve S @maeves

I was very sporty in my teens, 20's and 30's. I had my youngest daughter in my late 30's and gave up smoking at the same time. I am glad to say that I have stayed off the cigarettes..Now it's time to get FIT!!

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Maeve S

Contributorbronze Maeve S Hi everyone back to Tribesports after a very long break due to injury...I have had an issue with my back and have had a lot of physio. Need to get back to fitness asap. Does anyone have any hints or tips on easing yourself back into fitness after such a long break due to injury?


Hey Maria thanks for the encouragement any exercises in particular that will increase core strength but are not to tough on the back?

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Backs are tricky, and I suggest you get a training program from your physio people! Maybe swimming! Good luck and I hope you recover fully!! : )

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