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Mary M @marym

I fell in love with sport after loosing 2 and half stone last year :) Started running few months ago and I absolutely love it.

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Mary M Sonu K

Contributorsilver Mary M Hi Sonu:-) I just logged into here after what seems like a century and over 400 people followed me... Amazed, but I will need to take month of holidays from work to find time to click and follow all of them back haha hope you are well

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i am so happy to see u back 'apis'

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Sonu K Mary M

Contributorgold Sonu K hello cheeky apis...nice to knw tht u r back..I knw u are stressed and overworked....but don't worry will bear sweet fruits...and then we will have a party...burnt pancakes will be on menu...ha ha ha h...I miss u cheeky remarks!
Good luck with ur career and health

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he's a nice human tame a cheeky monkey is so tough...and he's so good at that...u two look awesome!

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thank u :) he is soo innocent.. he wudnt even do the ballerina pose for the picture so I forced him :D I always make him to do naughty things :) I even took him to watch Magic Mike movie with me :) it was like watching porn in cinema haha I pass ur compliment to Russell :)

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Mary M Sonu K

Contributorsilver Mary M Morning Sonu :) How r u? im not back yet..too much work and travelling again.. so tired already but need to build up the career :) my tattoo is still healing so cant even go for a run , i was just doing some weights and planks at home and hopefully will go gym tomorow for a short session :) hope u doing all well, must be very hot in India.. its raining here all the time


hiii hmm 20 is a lot, so im ok..u can have the sun for a while ;)

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