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Karen M @misscubee

I'm working towards a healthier 30 and maintaining it once completed. I want to enjoy life to the max!!! I feel it is very important to take care of your body cause you're only given one. Use it, don't abuse it

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No chocolate candy for 2 weeks. Challenge Log 100 km of running Challenge
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Karen M Jj L

Contributorgold Karen M Hi JJ, thank you for the follow. Having little ones is tough keeping fit especially when they are too young to do certain outdoor activities. I do my best to get them out there and involve them in my outdoor activities. If that fails, playing with them is so much fun, throwing them in the air, doing the airplane all these help work the areas I didn't know were there. Hahaha. All the best to you and the challenges you take on. :O)

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Karen M

Contributorgold Karen M We are finally March, I haven't ran since November and I must start all over again. I was telling myself that I was going to run outside during Now that the paths are cleared and the weather is almost back to fall like temperatures I will give it a go cause I miss running very much.

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Karen M Quit Smoking Challenge

Contributorgold Karen M I would have to say this is by far the hardest challenge. I have failed so many times and started again so many times. Congrats to all who have completed this challenge. :O)

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