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Peter J @peter1205

I love to jog and run, do pt 5 days a week, ride mountain bike in Timor, and love to kite surf when the wind is up and go snorkeling when the wind isn't! Play with the kids and with all that keeps me busy!

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Peter J

Contributorbronze Peter J Finished Tour de Timor last week, was as big a challenge if not worse than last year! Came 97th over al and 87 after cutting out all the super fit chicks in open men's division! Bike survived, but had pretty bad luck with 7 punctures, a stack, a bee sting, and diarrhea the first day. Pretty happy to finish this year, longest stage was 121km of pure hell on friday day 5, took 8hrs 50min, took a lot of soul searching that day?

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Peter J

Stattobronze Peter J logged 58.0 km of Cycling in 2:30:00
This was supposed to be 6th day Tour de Timor but was cancelled after rider had accident with a bus driving on the wrong side of the road on a blind corner. Rider is ok, but had to be taken to hospital, the route for this year is a very serious challenge, after doing these training rides will be lucky to survive each day never loan complete the race! Delayed an hour after dealing with police, ride from Glenno via Railarco to Dili.

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Peter J

Stattobronze Peter J logged 104.0 km of Cycling in 8:20:00
Riding from Botigana to Glenno to practice 5th day of Tour de Timor was a killer, never been on a tuffer ride! Map of route says only 105km but gps says 114km and we started 4 km from actual start place! The roads are pretty good till moeliana then the most atrocious cobblestone roads to glenno with bad bridges and extreme climbs! at 71km mark climb into Glenno was 17km long and in most places greater than 10% grade!?! The heat was extreme at 1300hrs, 42 degree's myself and another of the riders went down due to heat, had to ride in medics car for 10km while they bought me back to health!

When healthy enough jumped back on bike, glad i had a good drink plan and food, never would have been able to ride on? Serious down hill into gleno with damaged bridges and blind corner's, the last uphill is a killer when you think you have come close to your destination, nearly broke me lol! Pack a jumper for an overnight stay in Glenno as was down to 8 degrees camping out! 6th day practice ride was cancelled due to rider having a head on with a bus on downhill ride to Railarco, he was alright but medic support had to take him to hospital, so just rode back to Dili.

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