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Angelica B @ritcheysmith

Just hit the ripe old age of 40 =) I love pilates, yoga newbie, bodyweight exercises, hula hooping, my TRX, BOSU, medicine balls, bellydance/hula and Clean Eating. I'm currently easing back into training and going to physical therapy for my back and a knee cap that wants to do its own thing =)

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Angelica B

Contributorsilver Angelica B Just a quick question for all the old TribeSports crew that I was on here with back in 2012... The last time I logged in to TribeSports it seemed to change so much, I hated it and basically felt jilted over all the changes that took away all the awesome and fun user created challenges. Has it changed back? Or is it still now only focused on die hard athletic and sport types? I'm just your average Jane and I miss the "old way". I don't want to get my hopes up and get majorly involved again, unless I know what the down low is ;) any input would be great, because I need all those attainable challenges that kept me motivated and made me want to striver for bigger and better.


It has changed slightly back to being better. The moderators had to step in and a few people were thrown off the site. The challenge set up had changed too. The challenges require some form of physical effort. A lot of the old timers from 2012 have gone but there are a great bunch of people on site now who make it fun and welcome back


@weasel777 Thanks for your reply. I was just so discouraged because I put a great deal of effort creating tribes and challenges, then having all of my challenges archived made me feel gutted and unappreciated. I really loved how it was, the challenges were so varied and there was something for everyone. Then I had (still have health issues) and an injury that kept me from being as active, so when I came back in to try to motivate myself with realistic challenges, it seemed like they were all gone and it was geared to triathletes and the little guy was left out. 95% of all the challenges I made were physical and the rest were related to Clean Eating. All archived. It hurt my feelings and kicked me in my loyalty pants, since I made extensive searches for the right images and proper instructions for everything from Bosu and medicine ball challenges, to hula hooping etc. I miss TribeSports, but I'm sure as many others from back then, it felt like we didn't matter at all, being at our levels of fitness. But I'll give it a looksy again. It can also be a gut punch when you see new challenges that were the challenges I had made and set up in 2012 and are gone. I wasn't the type that was on here putting up useless things either, I'm sure anyone can gather that from my Clean Eating Tribe, I put a lot of work into that and providing all the resources. Glad to see that it's still alive and well.

encouraged this.

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