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Shelagh R @rosyposy10

I run 4 times a week and will compete in 10 races in 2012, mainly 5K & 10K. I hope to do a half marathon next year. I enjoy cross-training with weights, yoga and Pilates. This year I'm going to learn to swim!

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Shelagh R Wayne S

Contributorbronze Shelagh R Hi Wayne, I like your bio too, plenty of running there! If you have any tips on racing or motivation then it would be great to hear them. Good luck with all your future activities.

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From your Bio it sounds like you have access to the gym. I would say try and set a side one session a week to do interval training (Fartlek training). Do a 5min warm up then 1min flat out, 1 min at a steady pace to get your breath back, and repeat for 5 times, so a total of ten mins fast/steady, then a 5 min cool down. It builds speed and endurance. Do a big run once a week and every fortnight or 3 weeks try and make it a new distance PB. Working for me. Try the challenge Power your running with 4 weeks of Fartlek Training

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Shelagh R Tony G

Contributorbronze Shelagh R Fantastic achievements there, Tony G! Good to hear you've got back into running - I hope to get back into cycling soon. Good luck with all your sporting endeavours.


Thanks ever so much for the kind words Shelagh - and good luck back atcha. All the best


Oh and thanks for the follow :-)

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