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Fast, simple and healthy meals

Tribe • 1889 members

A place to share recipes for meals which take no more than 5-10 mins to prep and under 20 mins to cook. They must be simple,ie: use ingredients you would find in the fridge/larder and of course healthy and nutritious. Enjoy!

Running on Empty

Tribe • 418 members

Love the discomfort of long distance running? Then here is one more place you can share your running experience.

Love Food? Show us what you made!

Tribe • 366 members

Feel proud when you've found, made and eaten a delicious recipe? Tweaked that recipe until its perfect? Look good before you sit down and enjoy it? SHARE IT! Take a picture of your great breakfasts, lunches and suppers that you've prepared, SHOW us what yo...

Motivational Quotes

Tribe • 2650 members

There are tons of witty and realist quotes out there to motivate and inspire people to start working out, keep working out, or work even harder. Here's a place to share your favorites with others!

Super Foods

Tribe • 2142 members

Have you tried superfoods? Do they actually work? A tribe for you to let others know.

Mountain Biking (Trail Blazers)

Tribe • 620 members

This tribe is for all things Mountain Biking. Whether it's cross country, free-ride or downhill, share your favorite trail rides and experiences. Share what you're riding, favorite gear, or anything else relevant to mountain biking culture.

Laughter is Good For Your Abs

Tribe • 597 members

Laughter can be a great mental release from the stresses of everyday life. It can also (if you are laughing violently enough) be a great workout! Share your hilarious jokes, videos, and stories right here!

TS Photographers

Tribe • 282 members

Do you take your camera when running? Do you get your trainer to take photos of your latest dead-lift? What about that obligatory finishers photo from your last race? This is the place to share those photos - whether it's during a TS Challenge, or just a sh...

Deca IronMan

Tribe • 28 members

You Know the ironman triathlon ? Swim + bike + run. But a deca-Ironman is really long. Very very long. This is the equivalent of the (English) Channel crossing, followed by half a "Tour de France" cycling, and finally 10 marathons : so 0.5 million strides!...

Team Challenges Tribe

Tribe • 181 members

Are you part of a team challenge that could do with more players? Do you need a team challenge to push yourself even harder? Or do you just need a one stop shop for all your team challenges? Then you need...err, this tribe! If you are making a new t...

Getting Fit So I Can Look Better Naked

Tribe • 3260 members

One of these days, I will look like Ryan Gosling (at least from the neck down). In the meantime, we can all join here and discuss the various logistics of our quest for the perfect bedroom bodies. Let's get fit now so later we will have a chance to burn eve...


Tribe • 1379 members

For those using plyometrics to improve their running speed, both for short and long distance


Tribe • 1429 members

This tribe is dedicated to all non-smokers and those who want to say "STOP" cigars and choose a healthier life. This tribe, and always waiting with open arms if you really want! Be a part of healthy people who want to help, do not you run away from them! ...

Strength Training

Tribe • 11185 members

No matter what your sport is what fitness goal you are training for, strength training should be a part of your program. Strength training is not just for powerlifters and bodybuilders or general gym goers wanting to gain weight. Strength training is import...

Say No To Bad FAT!

Tribe • 1918 members

Study suggest role of bad fat (that forms LDL in body) with carovascular disease. I urge tribe members to reduce the quantity of bad fats in the form of deep fried food stuffs (Like finger chips). When oil is heated to high temperature there is partial con...

Pull-ups and Dips

Tribe • 2704 members

A tribe for all things pull-ups and dips. Post your techniques/achievements/kit.

Cycling at the weekends

Tribe • 1506 members

If you would like to do some recreational cycling at the weekends but not sure where to go, then this group is for you. Whether you want to do a 10mile cycle along the river, a 60mile cycle to Brighton or a longer cycle to Paris for example, cycling lovers...

Strength Training For Runners

Tribe • 4605 members

Running is a total body workout, but some muscle groups are stressed more that others. This can create disparity in opposing muscle groups (e.g. quadriceps and hamstrings lack balance). Lack of parity in opposing muscle groups is one reason for injury. T...

Jesse N