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Ancore! E @warriorprincess222

I dabbled in Muay Thai, belly dancing, mountaineering training, 10K running, rappelling and biking in 2006 but stopped due to illness. I got married with 'soldier' Ray E 12.20.12 and we're planning to run an ultra together in the not so distant future - yet not as we will but only as the LORD wills! :')

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Ancore! E Run your first half marathon Challenge

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Hi, Dustin! Yes, the Pryce Gas International Marathon in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, 12.02.12. :) Would you know what a realistic finish is for a first-timer?


what is your average pace for 6-7 miles? have you hit 10 miles and what was your avg pace? you 10 mile pace can be a great way of knowing how you will finish your half. say your pace is 9 min miles for your 10 miles, your half will be around 9-9.35 min miles...

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Ancore! E

Contributorsilver Ancore! E hello, everyone! i just got baaaaaack! thank you for all my new followers. i'll be catching up on twists and runs in the coming weeks. i look forward to all your updates and learning from you and wherever you are, whatever you're doing, i wish you know that YOU ARE LOVED!! by the way, Ray and I pushed thru with our wedding last 12.20.12 and we need a lot of help rekindling our romance with running! ;)

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Ancore! E

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