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Rachel W @wildey84

Keen marathon runner with poorly knee in need of new (non -impact) challenge! Entered two triathons for 2012 ( Crystal Palace, London), learning front crawl and building up courage to swim in Thames!

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Alex M Rachel W

Contributorsilver Alex M Hi i want to organise a 5 km run in London at some point just for a laugh to meet other fitness minded people in London I was thinking mid July or August time let me know if you would be interested and I'll keep you posted.

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Rachel W Michael M

Contributorsilver Rachel W Hi Michael, thanks for the follow. Where is your pic taken? Looks beautiful!

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Hi Rachel, thanks. It is mount Snowdon. I was on the 3 peaks challenge this last weekend and that was around 5am Sunday morning. Well worth a trip up there. :-)

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