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Chest Strength Circuit

Workout • 1139 users

This is a great bodyweight chest workout. It involves three variations of the classic push-up and will take you 2-3 minutes to complete. Before you start this workout, you should warm up with 10 normal push-ups.

Running Strength Workout

Workout • 1122 users

Warm up thoroughly before hand (include at least a few reps of each exercise) then aim to complete this workout as fast as possible without sacrificing on form. This workout is designed to increase your speed as well as your lactic acid threshold for run...

Hips Don't Lie

Workout • 1119 users

Strengthening/toning hip flexors and adductors

Beginners Plyometrics

Workout • 1100 users

Plyometric exercises for the beginner. Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take Challenges and training advice at their own personal risk

Tribesports Full Body Dumbbell Workout

Workout • 958 users

A full body workout routine using dumbbells that can be performed 2 or 3 times a week to build strength and muscle and burn fat. Use a weight that challenges you to complete all of the reps in each set. Warm up before your working sets on each exercise.

No Equipment Needed

Workout • 955 users

It will sure make ya sweat. Do the reps any way you like 25 here 25 there or cut the reps in half and do it that way!

British Military Fitness Blue Workout

Workout • 908 users

The BMF Blue workout is the easiest of the BMF workouts. It involves 5 circuits of various bodyweight exercises. If you find this BMF workout too easy, then why not try the next level up, the BMF Red workout.

Easy 100

Workout • 685 users

Small workout for over-all fitness

Kettlebell Strength Workout

Workout • 650 users

A workout created for Tribesports by Lauren Brooks of On The Edge Fitness. Build strength and muscle whilst burning fat using only kettlebells.

Dirty Girl Workout

Workout • 596 users

Awesome preparation workout for 5km mud race - 3 rounds of sprint for 20m, 10x plank-up, 20m bear crawls, 10x burpees and 30 seconds high knees. GO GO GO Dirty Girl Workout

Full body

Workout • 593 users

Combining: 10 burpees for 7 days Core workout for 7 days 30 day squat challenge