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Litta Bitta Everythang

Workout • 497 users

Bust out each set without rest, then repeat the circuit after 30-45 seconds of rest. 15 Min AMRAP ( As Many Rounds As Possible)

P90X (Ab Ripper X)

Workout • 494 users

Crunches (1st instance) = In and Outs Crunches (2nd instance) = Frog Crunches Sit-Ups = Crossed Leg/Wide Leg Sit-Ups Leg Raises = Hip Rock 'n Raise Crunches (3rd instance) = V-Up/Roll-Up Combos Oblique Crunches(1st instance) = Oblique V-Ups Crunches (...

Abs workout

Workout • 508 users

A workout to increase your core strength

1 minute wall squat

Workout • 472 users

A quick leg workout you can chuck in at any time of day, anywhere

Freeletics (Aphrodite)

Workout • 428 users

Reward : 500 points Body Focus : Legs & Abs Equipment : No Equipment

Hot Butt Workout

Workout • 395 users

When doing the One Legged Bridge, kick the up foot out diagonally 20 times. When doing the Side Lunges, touch the ground on each one and when coming back to the start position kick your butt with the lunging foot. When doing the Glute Kickbacks, do them wit...

Morning Session

Workout • 367 users


Zombie Survival: Fitness Circuits

Workout • 321 users

These fitness circuits will keep you in shape for the day the of the inevitable outbreak. This is a full body workout that also pays attention to your core, and requires no more equipment than a pull up bar and a box.

Sexy Legs

Workout • 325 users

Complete this specific workout and you’ll become Miss Sexylegs in no time! Start training today and you’ll get amazing toned legs!