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8minute abs.

Workout • 299 users

45seconds of each exercise excluding the last which is 30seconds. the classic 8minute abs workout from back in the day. start with normal crunchs 45seconds right elbow to knee 45 seconds left elbow to knee 45seconds raise legs 90 degrees try touch your...

Lean Arm Wokout

Workout • 280 users

This is the workout for the challenge created by Alina O here: Also includes 10 wrist circles and 50 arm circles, (10 with light weights)

Shoulder workout

Workout • 276 users

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 4x8 reps, 1'30'' rest between each set. || 2' rest || Dumbbell Side Raises: 3x12 reps, 1' rest between each set. || 2' rest || Dumbbell Front Raises: 3x12 reps, 1' rest between each set. || 2' rest || Dumbbell Shrugs: 4x15 re...

Calf raises

Workout • 266 users

Improves strength in calves, can be done while waiting for the bus or brushing your teeth.

TS: The Flat Belly Workout

Workout • 272 users

Do it! Post your time! Adopted from Julien T's expired challenge:

Obstacle Strength Workout - Rugged Maniac

Workout • 244 users

Get ready and get rugged with this strength Workout! The Workout has been designed to build strength to tackle the obstacles found at the Rugged Maniac race event series. Complete the Workout and you'll be climbing over walls, crawling through tunnels and j...

Barbara CrossFit Workout

Workout • 224 users

Barbara is a CrossFit Workout. 20 Pull-ups 30 Push-ups 40 Sit-ups 50 squats Do 5 Rounds - 3 Minutes rest between rounds

Home gym bodyweight workout

Workout • 223 users

+ 2x50 knee cross crunches + 25 chair bridge raises + 1:00 boat position + 50 sideway scissors + 100 reps / 45 sec butt kicks + 100 scissor kicks (high knees: 100/45 sec)

Tribesports 2 day Split - Lower Body

Workout • 224 users

A basic upper body / lower body split program for building strength and muscle, working out 3 times a week - alternating between the upper body and lower body workout. Warm up before your working sets on each exercise.

Fit Test

Workout • 231 users

This was a simple fit test at the start of my bootcamp and I want to track it to refer back to it in 30 days

Sweataday HIIT August #1

Workout • 218 users

The workout is 4 rounds of plank with a knee twist, frog burpees, and toe touches. With 10/50 sec intervals. Above my results.

Butt and Gut

Workout • 207 users

A quick workout for Abs and Glutes! Shouldn't take no more than 20 minutes to complete. =)